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Well we got our keys on Friday! 🙂 How excited was I…pretty excited. We got a family photo out in front of the house (can’t post it since R was in work attire but we needed it for the memory bank).

I’ve been absent because when we got our keys at 1pm we had started ripping apart the bathroom at 2pm! It has been an interesting process thus far but we are getting there, not sure what we would do if my Dad wasn’t here! I am documenting the whole process and will have lots to share once the bathroom is complete…hopefully in the next two days. Old homes are wonderful but when you reno there is always a surprise…or several.

I will also do my best to post some photos of the house in the current condition and update as we get more and more done. Check us out again in a few days!


Stocking up on reno supplies

Well yesterday I went and spent our hard earned Yard Sale money to get supplies for our bathroom reno. I think we just about have everything we need now to get started on the weekend!

Most of the storyboard items we have are either being stored throughout our house or in are carport…some I need to still figure out, like lighting and the shower plumbing, I still haven’t found anything I love. We have managed to find good deals in several places…MTF, Winners, Home Depot. I’m all about hunting down a good deal but still something that we like and good quality so we aren’t worried about replacing anything in the near future. Between pulling a few strings (since I know local suppliers and reps for different companies) and talking to friends who have recently done work we are coming at a decent price!

Stored supplies

The 3”x6” subway tile is going to be in the shower area all the way to the ceiling. I have tossed around the idea of continuing the subway tile around the rest of the washroom at 3’-0” high; however, for the sake of time and money I’ve nixed it for now…I think it will still look great. Since we are using white paint throughout the washroom (and most of the house) it will look nice and fresh either way.

I like the look of the light on the storyboard but know how much better it would be to light the washroom with wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Since the electrical in the existing bathroom is set up above the mirror I am not certain if we want to get into doing additional electrical work to add the sconces. To be decided.

One similar/single light above the mirror or rewiring to add two wall sconces

Construction/demolition starts on Friday…or Saturday morning. Looking forward to getting in there!

As an aside my wonderful Dad is coming out from the East Coast to help us do work for two weeks! You will see his smiling face in a few photos while we are all working away. Can’t wait!

Signed…sealed…almost delivered!

Well we just signed our lives away! It’s done! Closing it Thursday and possession is at 1pm Friday! It’s hard to believe, we were grinning fools when we left the office. Just wanted to share the excitement!

Wheelin and dealin Yard Sale style!

Let’s Go!

Well the Yard Sale is over…thankfully. I’m exhausted – I never remember how much effort things like this are – but it was totally worth it! I had a crap load of stuff…it was unreal. R helped me get everything out of the house at 7am, people started to show and dig through boxes at 7:30 am, annoying but what do you do. I didn’t cut many deals at 7:30 am since I still had 5 hours of selling to go – figure the older peeps digging around for a deal could beat it and come back later when I was ‘open’ then I’d be more reasonable…perhaps.

Set up for our Yard Sale!

I don’t understand where all these things were stored, I mean most of it came from the crawl space but really?! Wow…haha. I was glad to get rid of it.

My friend A was an awesome help. She showed up at 7:30 am with a Tims, which I couldn’t have appreciated more since it was a bit chilly and I had rolled out of bed an hour earlier. She brought a few things along to sell and helped me pull the rest of our stuff (really my stuff) out of the boxes. We joked she should go into sales, she was on the ball moving items around, pulling more and more out of boxes as time went on. It seemed like she had the Midas Touch of Yard Sailing. Everything she touched someone seemed to then just grab and buy it! It was amazing!

Midas Touch

We had fun giving customers a hard time when they thought they could get away with making a comment about a price or a product. It was pretty funny. Most people got a kick out of us even if we were a bit offhanded!

Wheelin and dealin

Not the part you have all been waiting for…was it lucrative…damn right it was! I made a total of $226.75!! And with the books that were left over I took them to the downtown Used Book Store and made another $27.75! So today’s grand total was $254.50! WOOT! Can’t say I’m disappointed with that.

A and I did drop off 4 good size boxes of leftovers from the Yard Sale to Value Village. It felt wonderful to just leave all that stuff and not turn back. Now, I won’t lie. Despite my not bringing anything back into the house rule I did keep a few items to sell online…things I thought that would be easy to sell and make another $50 or so…if they don’t go before we move they are being packaged up and dropped off at Value Village.

So all in all a total success. I have the cash to go shopping for our bathtub and shower tile tomorrow now! YAH! And maybe a little something extra for the house. 🙂

Design style.

Leading up to the big reno/move I have been basically obsessed with Pinterest, Apartment Therapy and general blog cruising. It has been a fantastic way to see other ideas, things I do and don’t like, and determining how I would like to mix our more modern lifestyle with eco-friendly, inexpensive, mid-century modern and the 1940s character options.

If you are curious what ideas we have come up with check out pinterest, it’s a great general idea of that we are looking to create!

Ideas for our new home

Garage or Yard Sale…

In getting ready for the ‘big move’ I’ve decided (after my husband suggesting for years I get on it) that I need to purge my life. Well what I call my life. Meaning…the boxes of crap I have been moving from house, to house, from one province to another, and between a few more houses. I have an issue with not being able to emotionally detach from objects and I have finally realized how ridiculous it has become. Not only do I have an emotional attachment to A LOT I also equate how much I have spent on an item to a value that no longer exists. I struggle with the idea of giving stuff away that I could make money on if I put the time into selling it (online or at a garage sale).

Finally I think I have broken my habits. Maybe it’s the fact we are moving into a new home that is truly ours or maybe I have finally realized all this ‘stuff’ is just a burden and keeping it in boxes does not do anyone a favour. Saturday is the big sale leaving me just a few more days to get myself organized. I have set a goal for myself to go through everything before we pack it and through every box that has been sitting in storage for 9+ months. I am determined to unpack everything, except maybe our Christmas decorations since it would be weird to have those out in our home year around, once we move and not tuck boxes of items we don’t need away. To top it off, anything that doesn’t sell goes in boxes, in the car and dropped off at goodwill. NOTHING will re-enter the house.

While preparing for our garage sale and surfing the net for ideas for a fantastic sale I came across this blog from Vintage Revivals providing tips for a killer yard sale. I thought it couldn’t suit me better…right down to the comments from her husband. Either way it makes me smile…

I did not advertise as a yard sale. I advertised as a Hoard Sale because A) its way funnier and B) that’s what it was! The ads from Craigslist were so awesome that people came from 2 hours away just to see what a Hoard Sale was. Here are a sampling of the ads:

HUMONGO hoard sale this Saturday! (October 8) According to my husband I am a freakin hoarder, and he is mad at me. Which means that I have to get rid of a ton of my treasures to save my marriage. Starts at 8 on the dot. No early birds, I will call the cops. Just kidding I wont. But really don’t come early. This is a DIYers paradise! Need a dining room chair or 21? Good cause we have those! See you there! Also I like cookies if you want to bring me some.

There are only a few days until the Hoard sale on Saturday!! Are you EXCITED!?!? I am selling tons of amazing crap! 8 o’clock is when it opens. Only awesome people are invited.

The first annual Vintage Revivals Hoard Sale is tomorrow Saturday oct 8. The ribbon cutting ceremony starts at 8 am exactly. 99% of the sale is furniture and home decor!! Follow the pink signs and balloons. It’s going to be AMAZING!! This is like the Black Friday of yard sales people.

I mean SERIOUSLY. Who wouldn’t want to go to a yard sale like that?!

Although my advertising wasn’t quite as thrilling, I’ll post some photos of our (hopefully) killer garage sale this weekend.

Almost Homeowners

The countdown is on…we embark on our newest adventure in 10 short days! We become homeowners! It is a first for both R and I and we couldn’t be more excited. We have purchased a quaint 1940s home in our small City; I love the idea of an old post-war home with good bones and lots of potential. It does need some love (which has been compiled in a list of renovations and to-dos).

our 1940s post-war home

Our first project is going to be to gut a redo the lone bathroom. Luckily we can stay a few days longer at the house we are renting giving us five days to complete the bathroom work. From there we are painting throughout the home (although this may take a bit of time and be done in stages), painting the kitchen cabinets and replacing hardware, hopefully putting shelving in the laundry area, painting our front door red/orange and the exterior trim dark grey (the siding is white). Now I’m debating when we get in there if we should refinish the wood floors. I feel like I need to look at them without the current owner’s furniture in the home. We will see what the verdict is sooner than later!

I am also looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt and following in my grandfather’s footsteps (to a lesser extent); he always had stunning gardens on their beautiful riverside property on the east coast. Although we only have space for a few vegetable planters I’m still very much looking forward to making our own food (another one of my passions).

During our homeownership, renovations, DIYs and settling in process I will do my best to keep our adventure updated on ‘11625’! Thanks for stopping by!