Almost Homeowners

The countdown is on…we embark on our newest adventure in 10 short days! We become homeowners! It is a first for both R and I and we couldn’t be more excited. We have purchased a quaint 1940s home in our small City; I love the idea of an old post-war home with good bones and lots of potential. It does need some love (which has been compiled in a list of renovations and to-dos).

our 1940s post-war home

Our first project is going to be to gut a redo the lone bathroom. Luckily we can stay a few days longer at the house we are renting giving us five days to complete the bathroom work. From there we are painting throughout the home (although this may take a bit of time and be done in stages), painting the kitchen cabinets and replacing hardware, hopefully putting shelving in the laundry area, painting our front door red/orange and the exterior trim dark grey (the siding is white). Now I’m debating when we get in there if we should refinish the wood floors. I feel like I need to look at them without the current owner’s furniture in the home. We will see what the verdict is sooner than later!

I am also looking forward to getting my hands in the dirt and following in my grandfather’s footsteps (to a lesser extent); he always had stunning gardens on their beautiful riverside property on the east coast. Although we only have space for a few vegetable planters I’m still very much looking forward to making our own food (another one of my passions).

During our homeownership, renovations, DIYs and settling in process I will do my best to keep our adventure updated on ‘11625’! Thanks for stopping by!

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2 responses to “Almost Homeowners”

  1. Lindsay says :

    Our home is 1940’s too! We love it! Can’t wait to read more, love Lindz

  2. hns83 says :

    Thanks Lindsay! I didn’t realize you were also in a 1940s we should swap stories! Thanks for checking the blog

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