Wheelin and dealin Yard Sale style!

Let’s Go!

Well the Yard Sale is over…thankfully. I’m exhausted – I never remember how much effort things like this are – but it was totally worth it! I had a crap load of stuff…it was unreal. R helped me get everything out of the house at 7am, people started to show and dig through boxes at 7:30 am, annoying but what do you do. I didn’t cut many deals at 7:30 am since I still had 5 hours of selling to go – figure the older peeps digging around for a deal could beat it and come back later when I was ‘open’ then I’d be more reasonable…perhaps.

Set up for our Yard Sale!

I don’t understand where all these things were stored, I mean most of it came from the crawl space but really?! Wow…haha. I was glad to get rid of it.

My friend A was an awesome help. She showed up at 7:30 am with a Tims, which I couldn’t have appreciated more since it was a bit chilly and I had rolled out of bed an hour earlier. She brought a few things along to sell and helped me pull the rest of our stuff (really my stuff) out of the boxes. We joked she should go into sales, she was on the ball moving items around, pulling more and more out of boxes as time went on. It seemed like she had the Midas Touch of Yard Sailing. Everything she touched someone seemed to then just grab and buy it! It was amazing!

Midas Touch

We had fun giving customers a hard time when they thought they could get away with making a comment about a price or a product. It was pretty funny. Most people got a kick out of us even if we were a bit offhanded!

Wheelin and dealin

Not the part you have all been waiting for…was it lucrative…damn right it was! I made a total of $226.75!! And with the books that were left over I took them to the downtown Used Book Store and made another $27.75! So today’s grand total was $254.50! WOOT! Can’t say I’m disappointed with that.

A and I did drop off 4 good size boxes of leftovers from the Yard Sale to Value Village. It felt wonderful to just leave all that stuff and not turn back. Now, I won’t lie. Despite my not bringing anything back into the house rule I did keep a few items to sell online…things I thought that would be easy to sell and make another $50 or so…if they don’t go before we move they are being packaged up and dropped off at Value Village.

So all in all a total success. I have the cash to go shopping for our bathtub and shower tile tomorrow now! YAH! And maybe a little something extra for the house. 🙂

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One response to “Wheelin and dealin Yard Sale style!”

  1. Sandy Murdock says :

    Nicely done H! All the best shopping for your tile today! Love the pics.. you sure did have a lot of stuff.. xo

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