Well we got our keys on Friday! 🙂 How excited was I…pretty excited. We got a family photo out in front of the house (can’t post it since R was in work attire but we needed it for the memory bank).

I’ve been absent because when we got our keys at 1pm we had started ripping apart the bathroom at 2pm! It has been an interesting process thus far but we are getting there, not sure what we would do if my Dad wasn’t here! I am documenting the whole process and will have lots to share once the bathroom is complete…hopefully in the next two days. Old homes are wonderful but when you reno there is always a surprise…or several.

I will also do my best to post some photos of the house in the current condition and update as we get more and more done. Check us out again in a few days!

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One response to “Keys!”

  1. Sandy says :

    I have been thinking about you all weekend.. Glad to hear things are going well.. minus a few suprises which are to be expected.. can’t wait for photos! xo

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