All moved!

Isn’t it convenient how the only day is has rained in a week + is moving day…nevertheless we moved as planned! It was more of a constant drizzle than hard rain thankfully. The guys + us had everything moved in less than 4 hours! Between about 6 of us that isn’t too bad, they are efficient and hard workers which makes a world of difference. I drove the big Budget truck this time, didn’t do too bad of a job at all 🙂 It was kind of fun rather than driving the car. After the move, as per our moving ritual, we had pizza and beer.

For now we are still living out of boxes and digging for the occasional item. That being said, the house is starting to coming together. We hope to be unpacked after this weekend and then paint/reno around our belongings. We will pick away at the renos over time.

My Dad has decided to stay with us for an additional week (on top of the original two weeks)! We are VERY happy to have him here visiting with us and giving a HUGE helping hand. Once the bathroom is done (after the weekend) we will move onto other little projects around the though…lots to eat up the remaining week of Dad’s visit and keep us busy when we aren’t working.

Moose loves the new house and enjoys the fenced yard. She has met some of the neighbourhood dogs and enjoys ripping around with them at the field across from our house.

I will post bathroom reno pics once we are done! It’s starting to look great!

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One response to “All moved!”

  1. Yvonne Shedden says :

    luv the update and of course Miss Moose!!!!!!!!! Luv Mom

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