On the 12th day of renos my Dad gave us…an almost complete washroom!

Well our bathroom reno…did I mention before we gave ourselves at 2pm on the Friday (possession day) until moving day the following Thursday to be up and running. Dad and I thought ‘no big deal’ haha HUGE DEAL! Apparently we totally misjudged the amount of time it would take. We (specifically my Dad) have been working on it for 10-12 hour days since the Friday…and we are still going.

Old Washroom

Old Washroom

It is looking amazing but holy frig it’s been 12 days so far! If it wasn’t one thing going wrong or unexpectedly it was ten. But it’s so exciting to see it come together.

We ripped apart most of the washroom Friday which was fine and a bit easier than we had expected, YAH! Then…then we realized a few of the 2×4 tub supports were rotten, the insulation was old and semi-rotten, nothing was square…nothing…that was just the start.

Gutted Washroom

I had purchased concrete board where we needed to replace the (what we thought would be drywall)…we also after went and bought insulation and reinsulated the open walls. From there we had to shave down the existing cedar 2×4 studs to make it somewhat level for tiling, then we had to shim a few spots…this took a few more days. Next thing you know we get the ply + concrete board up! YAH!

Concrete board & start of tiles!

And then…in order to squeeze in our 5’-0” long and 21” deep tub we had to put in new supports between the 2x4s. Dad and I finally shimmed the tub into place to realize it was unlevel! Haha So back out the tub came – we ended up getting everything level and could move onto tiling.

The beautiful 2×4 subway tiles are perfect – but word to the wise, small tiles take a lot longer than larger tiles to lay! Lesson learned, will it stop me from using them again, not likely because they look so good!!

Working on new subway wall tiles

Dad is currently grouting the shower tiles. We are going to paint tonight and then be onto laying floor. We originally thought we would have the floor already down but the tiles I ordered there was a misprint so we are waiting for another sheet of tiles to be delivered on Wednesday.

I’ll post more photos from the process and the before/after in the next few days.

(sorry about the not so great photo quality, just the quick bb photos – lots more to come!)

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3 responses to “On the 12th day of renos my Dad gave us…an almost complete washroom!”

  1. nat says :

    Must be great to be able to do the renos with your dad…althought it is a lot of work, hope you are enjoying it as well!! It’s very satisfying to be doing the work yourself isn’t it?? You are smarter then me though, you started before you had kids…makes it easier! Don’t give up, it’s looking great!

  2. RenovestorMama says :

    Love the subway tile! So simple, yet so pretty…
    We did the same thing in the main bath of our current project (I haven’t posted pics yet), but we installed them vertically.

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