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So I have recently come across a great blog I’m really enjoying – Life on Churchill Street. I’m always excited to see other home ideas for inspiration; Julia does a great job at posting her experiences and storyboard ideas!

The latest one I am hooked on is the idea of changing around some of our kitchen lighting. I mean I always wanted to change the lighting because it isn’t set up well for the use, but since reading Julia’s blog post Flush Mount Lights I have gotten a few ideas.

Track light to be replaced and the rear light will be the warehouse pendant.

We have an awesome warehouse style pendant light that I would like to relocate over our dining table and in its place put this flushmount fixture from Home Depot. I would also like to put a second flushmount light where there is a 2 light track light that doesn’t match anything.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Please share!

Warehouse Pendant to be relocated over table

FYI – We will eventually paint the whole house and tone down on the colours!

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