House Feature

Floor Grate

Well maybe feature isn’t the right word…but either way this was one of those moments when you are in a home and have a flash back to when you were a kid.

When I walked through the home for the first showing I was so excited by one little opening. A floor grate. Not just any floor grate, one that was (I would say) identical to my grandparents’ home. For us growing up and visiting their home was always fun, never a dull moment, and comfortable. As kids we would usually sleep in my grandfather’s room on a blow-up mattress or a hide-a-bed. His room was directly above the living/dining room. This room had a grate, like the one in our home.

This grate growing up was like a bedtime ‘lifeline’. Maybe lifeline is a bit melodramatic, but it was one of those places and provided a moment where you thought you were so sneaky and your grandparents/parents/aunts and uncles didn’t know you were watching or paying attention to them. I remember playing (or as we thought being sneaky) through the grate with my siblings and cousins. It wasn’t uncommon for us to be caught. It was usually by my father, grandfather or uncle; this was usually followed by teasing and shooting us a funny look from time to time.

This wonderful grate gave me flashbacks which I hadn’t thought of in a long time. The fun children could have with the most basic of things. Then, as most women…especially at this age, thought of our future children having fun through the grate and what excitement it may hold for them when they thought mom and dad ‘didn’t know the children were watching’.

I guess elements or features like that are what help make a home feel like it could really become yours…either way, I love the grate and the memories it brings back.

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5 responses to “House Feature”

  1. Lesley McCuaig says :

    For some reason, I can remeber that grate! No peaking on me when I come to visit!

  2. margieblundell says :

    Oh my gosh Heather…just like G & G’s is right…glad you have those fond memories coming back…such fun at their home!

  3. Alana says :

    I would like to have a bucket of rice and drop them on kks head as he walks below :). The things to look forward too!!

  4. dianajbritten says :

    love this post HB! Brings back MANY memories 🙂

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