So I’ve decided it’s time to start some of my diy projects that are not as cost prohibitive… for now we are trying to save more money before we tackle another room in the house. So I have decided to still progress with our home I will start at my list of random DIYs.

– dresser –

The idea is to revamp an old dresser from my husband’s childhood that we have been moving with us for years. Its old, stained, but solid wood – good bones – so worth revamping. When we were at IKEA in the fall I bought long handles that were on a great sale! Since then they have been hanging out in the toolbox…so it’s time to do something about that. The old dresser at our last few homes was covered by a silvery table cloth. I was dying to make it look less like a collection of random furniture from our University days. But like I said, good bones so worth doing something with it. The highlight is that it will be home what I refer to as my ‘baking station’. Where I store all my baking pans, utensils, cake decorating supplies and on top of the dresser…my beautiful KitchenAid!

I think my idea is to repaint the old dresser with a two tone effect.

R’s childhood dresser

One of my favourite ideas is painting the overall structure white and leaving the drawer fronts wood, or paint them grey. However, anything that is black, white or grey usually goes with our home. Here are a few pieces of furniture I’m into – I welcome any suggestions and opinions! (my fav is #3 if I can figure out how to pull something like this off)


– word signage as art –

I’ve seen some great quotes while surfing blogs, etsy, pinterest, etc and have been making a running list. I’m planning to make art out of them for around our home. I love architecture and I am an Interior Designer – I love anything that reminds me of building, whether it is building blueprints, capital lettering and/or travel and beautiful photos architecture. One idea I came across that I would like to hang at the bottom of our stairwell is a sign that simply says “UP DN”. I plan to purchase other unique prints from online shops but an excited to create some of my own.

– bench –

We have a room at the back of our house which is a mix between a mudroom, laundry room, and provides access to the back yard/patio/car/garage. It is one of those spaces you look at and think ‘this could be of better use’. Well for now I think it will be a mudroom so to speak. Once we have children I would like to make it into a playroom so we still have somewhat of a living room that isn’t packed full of toys. However, I digress. In this ‘mix room’ I would like to have a bench by the outside door, ideally for putting on shoes and not piling junk on…a habit I will need to break all of us of.

DIY Bench (image from 2 friends & 2 cities)

At our wedding (almost a year ago!) we had a photobooth for our guests to enjoy. As a backdrop I bought a black on black print on sale at our local Fabricland, I have been hanging onto this fabric trying to figure out where to use it. I think this is it – I will use it as a bench cover. It will be ideal.

My lovely ladies in our DIY Photobooth

Photobooth Fabric

Another DIY (related to our future bench) is creating pillows out of cloth napkins. When my mother-in-law “Y” was visiting she gave me the idea. We saw cute napkins at Home Sense and thought they would be perfect for just that!

– curtains & blinds –

When we purchased our home we had requested that the window coverings be left behind. Great but they totally don’t go with anything in our home. For now they are convenient providing us some privacy and it keeping the sun from shining right in our eyes as we wake up but just another one of those things I would like to change. I don’t know what I want where yet other than in our kitchen. I love this fabric…

Fabric Designer: Maude Asbury – Vegetable Garden in Cream

I want to use it as fabric ‘roman blinds’ in our kitchen by following this DIY tutorial from We have three windows, the two opposite each other will be in this fabric and the middle I will draw a colour from the printed fabric and do a solid pattern or colour for this curtain (likely the grey). Something fun, retro and a bit different.

The north and west windows in the Kitchen

As usual the list continues to grow even if I am slowly getting some of it done…Please leave any comments or suggestions about my upcoming DIYs!

Happy Weekending!

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5 responses to “DIYing”

  1. Yvonne Shedden says :

    Heather you are a busy lady these days, like the idea about the dresser. Luv the 3rd one as well, you can strip the top and sides and paint in a high gloss white then put your new hardware on. It is only paint and you can repaint if you do not like it. one dyi at a time. luv mum

    • hns83 says :

      Thanks, I thought it would be a good use for it! Thats exactly what I digure, I’ll give it a shot and see how it turns out!

  2. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says :

    Ah, yes… I recognize that blinding orange in your kitchen!! No need for coffee in the morning.

    All those dressers are fantastic. I don’t have the skills (or patience) for that kind of diy. If you do, I can’t wait to see the final product!

    • hns83 says :

      Thanks for the post!
      haha Yes the orange is rather intense! This will be my first time finishing furniture…we will see if I have the patience for it ever again!

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