What colour shutters?

I would like to say that I am happy for the weekend to be here and the chance to get outside and work on the windows/door/shutters! This morning I found this blog post by Victoria Elizabeth Barnes and am now getting more excited for our red front door.

But now…I was planning on painting the shutters grey before like in this previous post “Outside” with the red door, grey window frame trim + a black handrail. But after seeing the previous post by Victoria I am debating paint the shutters a high-gloss black? We live in a desert climate and the front of our house is east facing so the sun will kick the red pigments a** – but I think the black would be ‘ok’. I can’t quite decide.

Our existing house

Help please! Happy Friday!

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5 responses to “What colour shutters?”

  1. nat says :

    Hey! I would paint the shutters high gloss black.

  2. Alana says :

    High gloss black for sure!!

  3. RenovestorMama says :

    Go black for sure – its going to look so sharp! I will be painting our front door in the coming weeks a glossy black. I can’t wait to see your after pics!

  4. mfhm80 says :

    try it out in photoshop! i love the idea of a pop of colour somewhere. we’re doing all dark for the details around our house (door, shutter, woodstain), and i’m sort of wishing we’d chosen a bright colour for the door…but glossy black is very you, too 🙂

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