Exterior Trim Colour?

Decisions, decisions…

So I love the idea and look of the red door + black shutters but now I’m trying to decide what to do with the window/door trim.

Existing House

I’ve tried out a few scenarios in photoshop.

exterior trim options

Thoughts/Opinions? I’m leaning on black + black + black – black shutters, black door trim, black window trim. Like this:


Or maybe I do stick with the simplicity of all white trim…+black shutters/red door.

One thought I have is the back of the house where there are several windows and if we need to add any colour to the trim. + I never did pick a colour for the back patio door. It is the same style as the front door but I don’t want a bright red there too…I’m thinking the high gloss black but again I welcome opinions!

Back of House.

Back of House.

Thanks! Happy Tuesday!

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8 responses to “Exterior Trim Colour?”

  1. mfhm80 says :

    hi! loving the all black trim + red door. nice, simple, carries the colour through-out. the all black on the back of the house will look nice too. you could just do some bright planters at the back if you’d like to do colour there. but i totally agree with you on keeping the front door as the punch of colour. looks great! can’t wait to see the finished product!!

    • nat says :

      Have you looked at all grey trims (both windows and door), black shutters and red door? I find the grey trims would go well with the roof shingles, the black of the shutters and handrail ground the front of the house without being too much and the red door gives that wow factor…

  2. vinesanddesigns says :

    I like the look of the door frames and window frames being either white or grey, with the red front door and the highgloss black on the shutter, back door and handrail.

  3. Stacey@aGh says :

    I agree with vinesanddesigns. Number 2 or 3. But really the house is so pretty, you couldn’t go wrong with whatever you choose. have fun!

  4. Alana says :

    I like option 4!

  5. Alana says :

    Changed ny mind 2 is a good one too

  6. Lesley McCuaig says :

    Love the red door idea!

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