a clean outside

This past weekend I decided to get to doing work outside the house. Saturday I spent the day pressure washing the house (thanks to the p.washer loan from A!). I couldn’t believe the amount of dirt and brown water pouring down our white siding – yuck! Needless to say in my mind it looks a heck of a lot better!

Set up to clean!

I’m not sure if the average person would be able to tell or not but knowing it has been taken care of is satisfying.


Moose trying to help!

There are still several spots where it looks like possibly hard water has stained the siding. I’m going to get a scrub brush and soap to see if I can’t clean it up. We also got around to pressure washing the deck since the paint was starting to come off….it really does need another coat of paint. Added to the ‘to do’ list! Lastly we worked on preping the window and door frames for paint. Unfortunately we aren’t done yet but we should get the chance to start painting this weekend!

Cleaned except the huge stains I need to scrub…

fungus below/above what we got clean with some scrubbing…we got it all off the house in the end

Pre cleaning…

Post cleaning…much better!

It feels great to have a clean house exterior. Get ready for a painting packed weekend! Happy Thursday!

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4 responses to “a clean outside”

  1. mfhm80 says :

    yo, it totally looks much cleaner! you can definitely see it in the before + after shots 🙂 pressure washers are like magic wands.

  2. Stacey@aGh says :

    Maybe I’m a weirdo… but I LOVE to pressure wash… it’s so great seeing all that crap come off whatever your cleaning and reveal something so bright and sparkling! HA HA! Seriously, it looks great. Let the painting begin! Looking forward to your progress. HAVE FUN!

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