a mix for thought

Wow and I thought I had a lot to sell at our yard sale! Check out this blog post from vintage revivals + all things thrifty! A joint ‘hoard sale’. It is a good thing I don’t live closer to them or I may have ended up bringing a bunch of stuff back home with me. And husband would not have been happy…(it’s totally worth watching the youtube video – the number of people and insanity is nuts to watch)

On the other hand…I found these glass insulators at the regular flea market in town last weekend.

Dominion glass insulators

I love them…everywhere I do see them they are $5 each (or more) and I think how I totally wouldn’t want to pay that. BUT when the woman selling them said $0.25 each I was like OK!! So I bought 3 clear. Now I’m on the prowl for a few blue/green. I’d like to line them up on my windowsill in some natural light (if I can get them to fit/stay) perhaps they will sit somewhere else..TBD. Something different.

And a HUGE highlight…our flippin IKEA sink (that took almost 3 weeks to get) should be here on Monday or Tuesday! WOOT! The Worst Customer Service EVER award goes to IKEA! Good for you guys! It has been the longest process ever to get a damaged sink replaced, a gazillion phone calls/emails/photos later I called today to be told the file was closed and it was shipped with FedEX 4 days ago – hard to believe it is a 3.5 hour drive to the store but it takes up to 7 business days to get to our address. brutal. anyway – ITS ALMOST HERE…which means A FINISHED BATHROOM NEXT WEEK!!!!!!! You have no idea how excited R and I will be to have a washroom that FULLY functions! Excitement all around.

Happy Friday!

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6 responses to “a mix for thought”

  1. inkomplete says :

    I love the insulators… I have some purple ones that I have been meaning to turn into candle holders…

  2. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    Congrats on your thrift store find! I love when that happens! Also, I agree, IKEA are THE worst when it comes to customer service. Even if you just want to call and ask a question it’s almost impossible to get through to a real person. How exciting to get a new sink!

    • hns83 says :

      I’m glad that I’m not the only one who finds IKEA hard to deal with, learned my lesson to open all packages before driving the 3.5hrs home! I’ll put up our complete washroom photos next week!

  3. Lesley McCuaig says :

    What are insulators?

    • hns83 says :

      Glass insulators were used for telephone lines and electric power lines (the glass image in the post) starting in the 1850s! There are lots of collectors but sometimes I find them around antique stores.

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