– deals –

Who doesn’t love a weekend of deals?!

First highlight was a phone call on Friday letting me know our wallpaper was in store! YAH!

Our beautiful wallpaper + black fabric for curtains (and my husband the hand model)

I picked up the four rolls on Saturday and to my pleasant surprise there was a 20th Anniversary sale on which = 20% off Benjamin Moore products. Awesome! I was informed that I could pre purchase paint that they would keep in store and I could just have it mixed as need be and pick it up. Since this would mean about $75 in savings if I pre purchased. Decided and done. We didn’t pick it up or mix it but we have it now for when we are ready!

Awesome deal #2. I went to Fabricland to get white fabric for our shower curtain (which I’m making with our existing black on black print fabric – as seen here). I figured while I was in the store I would check on black fabric for our Master Bedroom curtains/blinds, deal what I wanted was 30% off this weekend! Awesome savings, another $40 or so. Woot!

– Other stuff –

R + Moose pulling weeds


raspberries + weeds

fewer weeds!

We got to the garden and pulled a ton of weeds which made a huge difference. We realized we had green onions growing in amongst the raspberry bushes and weeds. We grabbed some and tossed them in our dinner tonight, delish!

We were hoping to paint our front door this weekend but weather on Sunday did not permit such events. We did get our window sills all prepped so hopefully next weekend we can get on it!

Huge +++ Found out Friday that our sink from IKEA (which I mentioned previously how they have the worst customer service) SHOULD be here today or tomorrow, finally. Thank goodness. This week I will install it and then hang our shower curtain and DONE!

Can’t wait till the weekend to do more work! Happy Monday!

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  1. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    Fun! To score a deal is the best! It seems like you guys got a lot done this weekend! And what a cool, stark wallpaper!

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