…and she said let there be water…

Our replacement sink has finally arrived from IKEA! YAH!

IKEA Replacement

So last night I decided to install it. All in all it went well…sort of. I managed to get the plumbing hooked up for the faucet, drain and overflow.

teflon tape time!

getting ready for hook-up



Then we did the water test…

yah running water!

And then we realized, drip drip drip…issues with the cold water line somewhere behind the wall and not accessible from the basement. To mitigate the problem we are going to attempt to pull the PVC line through the opening and feed another one back through.

basement drip

Another project before we finish the washroom, as soon as we think we are done…we are not. haha Just another one for the books!

Happy Tuesday!

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7 responses to “…and she said let there be water…”

  1. Stacey says :

    Geez… plumbing….it’s a real pain in the “cold water line”. Seriously though.. you ROCK, girl. Look at you taking matters into your own hands. I have to be impressed, so I will be! Good work and you’ll get it drip free in no time. Pretty pretty!

    • hns83 says :

      ahhahaha Thanks! It is exciting to see everything come together! Hopefully I will have the drip under control by the weekend!

  2. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    Yay! That’s exciting. And I LOVE your bathroom! That floor is so nice and the sink fits the space just perfectly!

    • hns83 says :

      Thanks! I’m very happy with how it is turning out! I hope to have everything done this weekend and will post our final photos!

  3. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says :

    Apparently my wordpress reader stopped following you?? So if you get multiple messages that I’m “following” you… don’t think I’m stalking you.

    Is that a concealed trapway toilet? Did you put it in, or previous owners? We just installed one, and I LOVE it. I will never buy the normal kind again.

    • hns83 says :

      It is! I also love it! It is the only thing we kept in the washroom (installed by the previous owners). SO much easier to clean and looks polished!

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