after a long week…

…of working + a not so stellar Friday, I came home midafternoon yesterday (Friday) to putter at the house. To keep my mind busy and get something accomplished. I managed to take out the two mosaic tiles I laid wrong on the bathroom floor and which have been driving me NUTS! I realize many people might not notice it (like my husband) but I couldn’t handle staring at it all the time.

dang black tile out of place…but not for long!

I also finally painted the baseboards, touched up a few places on the walls and removed the bathroom door to paint in the garage. [For now we have an open-door policy, meaning we have no bathroom door and our Boston Terrier (Moose) insists on coming in to play at the exact moment you need to use the washroom.] Friday afternoon I also got a crash course from a lovely man who worked at Rona. So now tomorrow the project is to figure out how to replace the cold water line (after I go strawberry picking!).

Another rainy day (Saturday) has led me to putter away inside the house (after my amazing pedi). However, I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to do a few things here and there. The problem with those days is that it looks like nothing ever actually gets accomplished because there isn’t one whole room that is organized. I piddled around with the office then the guest room, followed by taking the light off the front of the house to paint (since I decided I liked the overall shape and style), which then led to organizing our DVDs that were still in a box and packing up our bottles/cans (our friends daughter is collecting them to return for cash and savings for her dream dollhouse – too cute).

stand and tables


In the midst of my random day, TV Trays I purchased online were dropped off. Not too bad a deal for $20. However, they are generic like something I could purchase at Walmart. I am not a fan of generic…so another DIY has come to mind. I love the look of bright paint paired with wood.

So I think I might paint the stand black, then the legs either all different bold colours or all four stands the same. But leave the top just the plain wood. Thoughts?

Now, for Saturday evening I’m planning on cuddling with Moose, watching Devil Wears Prada (cause I love looking at the clothes) and having a glass (or two) of wine.

Happy Weekending!

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8 responses to “after a long week…”

  1. Michelle says :

    That tile would drive me crazy too, having OCD like I do! Hope you got it changed with no problems. I love the idea of different coloured legs on the little tables. The spoons on the page were really cool as well. Love a colourful house…. too bad mine isn’t but I haven’t a creative bone in my body. Can’t wait to see your little house one day and I sure miss Mousse, wish you two would go for a day somewhere! LOL.

  2. Stacey says :

    I’m with you and Michelle… it would make me nuts! Good luck with your tile fix.
    Oh I love the dipped look. That would be really fun and pretty to do to the legs. You should go for it!
    P.S. I never miss a chance to watch DWP… the clothes are too gorgeous!

    • hns83 says :

      Thanks still need to finish it, gah…always too many things going on! hah Yes I think to add some fun and colour the legs!

  3. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    That odd tile would drive me crazy as well! And then I would think of all the energy I wasted getting annoyed with that one dot, stupid. So I think it was worth fixing it. About the TV trays, I love the idea of combining color with wood. I’m biased towards a stained top and white legs (because that’s what we did with our kitchen cart and I love how it turned out: however I think some color would be fun too.

    • hns83 says :

      Ohh Thanks for sharing! It looks great! I haven’t decided yet but since our house will be mostly white + grey I may do colour on the stands.

  4. SJ says :

    Also love the bright colours + wood look! I say go for it! (and post pics when it’s done of course!) I might consider painting the stand white instead of black to keep it light and fresh.

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