a real pain in the “cold water line”

(title from one of my followers’ comments)

— 2:30pm —

I’m drinking Tazo ‘Zen’ tea and stuffing a chocolate/chocolate cupcake down my throat hoping it will help from having my head explode. [side note: my coworker misunderstood the term ‘motor boating’ and one day used it when referring to eating/enjoying a brownie – today I could also use that term…I pretty much ‘motor boated’ the cupcake while rage was boiling inside me]

Ahh yes, the female body and rancid hormones. Nothing my husband did today, probably tonight and tomorrow would I think is right…I am in a rancid mood. I always feel bad for him cause he honestly doesn’t do anything different than many other days…but low and behold I’m a raging maniac.

We need to fix the cold water line tonight…I’m not looking forward to it for my own fear of my looming rage.

— 4pm —

Over the afternoon I had a few phone calls from my husband wondering about what materials we needed for the washroom, explaining what he figured out/did/found, and another saying he thought he could finish it up. I didn’t exactly follow everything he was telling me but thought I would worry about it when I got home. See what else needed to be done…

The zen tea helped.

— 5:15pm —

I pack it up to head home, not sure what else will need to be done…just wishing a magic fairy flew into the house though one of our busted screens (you know one of those little holes in the screen that needs to be replaced/patched) and fixed the cold water line.

I get outside, it’s starting to rain and I have my scooter…lovely. Luckily I wear glasses so the shards of water aren’t piercing my eyes like they are my face.

my scooter
[ps I love it on a sunny day]

— 5:30pm —

I’m home. Moose greets me. Everything is quiet. I can feel my anxiety level rising…and how bad I’m about to feel when I likely lose my cool – probably over nothing and most likely totally undeserved. I get a hug and wait a few min then ask “how did it go? is it all fixed”. “no not quite”.

I’m calm and cool, I can’t believe it. Probably just my hormones not at 100% peaking point…I’m fine. I ask what is left to be done and can’t quite figure it out myself given what the local store recommended to my husband to buy.

— 6pm —

Wonderful friends of ours stop by with their three beautiful daughters. They girls are collecting bottles to building up some money and responsibility to buy their dream dollhouse. They are so sweet helping to load them in the jeep. The husband is VERY handy, he basically renovated the main floor of their house from a two car garage + storage to a beautiful living space + kitchen complete with a custom harvest table and bench.

While they were here I was visiting with the wife and the husband was in the washroom with R trying to figure out how to tackle it. Our friends are awesome. He is coming back tomorrow to help R hook up both the cold and hot water lines and fix our problem. Then we will have our washroom back. I’m so happy and thankful.

— 8pm —

I’m finishing the post, so thankful for amazing friends and my rage has totally subsided (as I watch a little Master Chef with my husband).

Thank you – you know who you are. You are an amazing family.

And I can truly say “Happy Tuesday”!

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8 responses to “a real pain in the “cold water line””

  1. Michelle says :


  2. Stacey says :

    Okay, every emotion you describe is just WAY to familiar. Fellow ranging maniac here… nice to meet you! How do they put up with us? Sounds like you’re way better at managing it than I am. All I can say is there should always be wonderful friends like yours around for days like that. They are a blessing, for sure! Hope your tomorrow is better! Thanks for the giggle!

    P.S. Love the title!

    • hns83 says :

      haha Glad I’m not the only one out there! Thank goodness my husband is patient! Hopefully we will have a finished washroom before the weekend!!

  3. mfhm80 says :

    Oh friend 🙂 you’re so rational about your irrationality…love your comment about rancid hormones, those bastards. Can’t wait to hear about your finished room, finally! It’ll feel so good xo

  4. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says :

    Ugh! Yes. Sometimes there are not enough chocolate cupcakes in the world to combat the inner craziness…

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