refinishing hardwood floors

I need to put a question out there to get some brutally honest answers. How long will it take us to take our carpeted master bedroom (with a plywood subfloor) and get some nice hardwood out of it?!

[carpet to hardwood]

I assume there is hardwood under there since the rest of the house appears to be that way, I don’t however know the condition of what is under the ply.

We are debating refinishing the hardwood (assuming it is a possibility) tied into the same project as painting/wallpapering.

An idea…not decided upon yet or a start date. Just curious what others have experienced! Thanks in advance!

Happy Thursday!

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2 responses to “refinishing hardwood floors”

  1. julia says :

    have you looked and seen the plywood under carpet? I pulled out the carpet in our 3 bedrooms, under foam it went straight to hardwood. In the bathroom we redid it had plywood but no hardwood. I have seen some cool rooms with painted plywood..(

    • hns83 says :

      Thanks for sharing the link Julia. I had considered paint the ply if it is in ok shape under the carpet. I only pulled back a small corner so I am still unsure of the overall state of it. I’m also debating putting down a cork floor if need be…time will tell once I can get my hands in there!

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