Sunday was one of the first days in a while that I was home and it wasn’t raining! I figured it was about time to get some veggies growing and use our ‘house warming’ gift cards at the local nursery. Not only did we have gift cards, apparently they were having a ‘Garden Party’ the same day! Which means EVERYTHING was 20% off the regular price! This worked out to $30 in savings + gift cards means it cost us a whole $30 for our veggies + herbs! (oh and a plant and an air plant)

Thankfully my husband weeded the garden a few weeks ago so it gave me a great head start! However, the ground needed a serious hoeing. I used the shovel to churn everything and then raked/hoed it to make everything level and start planting the seeds.

garden ready to be planted

Since we needed to keep Moose out of the garden I grabbed scrap wood from around the garage and an old plant trellis for supports and put up the mesh to keep her out. Hopefully this is enough for her to not dig anything up!

mesh fence to keep Miss. Moose out

I took an Organic Gardening Course that was hosted by our local Urban Agriculture Association a few months ago. Although I didn’t plant everything in the exact ‘organic’ way that was suggested I still learned lots! The one thing I did get based upon their recommendation was a stirrup hoe – it’s so easy to use!

Awesome hoe!

stirrup hoe

We have planted … lettuce, spinach, peppers, carrots, garlic, tomatoes, cucumbers, peas + a few mystery plants! Most are seeds except the tomato and cucumber plants + a few a friend dropped off; however, we wern’t quite sure what she dropped off! To the south of our garden we have raspberry bushes that are starting to come in!

planted garden




Here is our lovely little herb garden that includes basil, chives, green onion and rosemary.

herb garden

I also picked up this pretty plant + this air plant and glass bulb hanger (which I now need to put up)!


night sky

When I was admiring the garden Sunday evening the sky was so beautiful I had to snap a quick photo.

Happy Monday – Here’s to a good week!

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8 responses to “Veggies!”

  1. Carole Reilly says :

    And so it begins…. That hoe is Phil’s favorite too. But you’ll find your hoe collection expands according to the spaces you’re cultivating. And your own veggies always taste superb. Doesn’t come any fresher than this!

    • Heather says :

      haha I’m sure everything will multiply now with our shed. I really need to get it organized though! Can’t wait to see greens starting to come through!

  2. Stacey says :

    Heather, your garden is wonderful! It looks like a really nice size too. Kudos! And I have to say that the stirrup hoe is a tool I WILL NOT do without. I use it everywhere in my yard. Makes everything easier. Yay for girls who use the right tools for the job!
    And you know I have my eye on that pretty little air plant! EEEEEEE, so pretty. Love the glass container!

  3. margieblundell says :

    Oh Gosh Heather, Grampy would be so very pleased with your efforts!! And he would be the first to offer you suggestions too…both you out west and Diana here on the east coast have worked hard on their gardens…now it is my turn!

  4. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says :

    So satisfying… to get it all in. Now the part where you have to weed like a crazy person to keep it under control! Our weather report is calling for 97 today and 100 tomorrow… I guess I can count on the chard and mustard greens all bolting. WAY too early to be this hot!!

    • Heather says :

      haha beautiful weather where you are, we have been having lots of rain…hoping for some sun and warmth soon! Enjoy your garden!

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