I love skype…it’s amazing. You can be geographically so far away from people and yet still feel so close. I had a wonderful 2 hour skype chat tonight with a very good friend across the country. She is an inspiring woman. We enjoyed a few glasses of wine while we talked about life, our careers, and dreams/goals. When you don’t live close to family and friends it is amazing how skype can make you feel so in touch.

Thank you skype for letting my friends and family see me schlup around in my sweats, hair in a ponytail + no makeup on, and how messy my house really is behind my big head on the computer screen. Best part is they still love you and don’t notice any of it.

Happy Thursday night!

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2 responses to “skype”

  1. caitlyn85 says :

    We have still yet to skype! Let’s make a date soon! Xox

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