free and cheap?! yes please!

Who doesn’t love free and cheap stuff?! In our town there is a facebook group that runs kind of like a yard sale with ‘admins’ who keep the show going.

Today I lucked out on two things through the fb group…one this chair. Sure it’s basic but it was free and with a fresh coat of paint it will fit perfectly into our guest room. Happy? Totally.

new FREE chair

Second are these beautiful white back painted glass tiles. My friend was looking for some for her house and when I stumbled upon these I thought they would be perfect. We picked up about 100 sq.ft. She is taking them home for her own use but I might buy some off her to put in our own kitchen…she doesn’t need all 100 sq.ft. so luckily I won’t be messing up her plans. We bought the tiles off a contractor (again through fb) for $8 a sq.ft. That’s less than half the retail cost! Sweet deal – totally!!

white glass tiles

TGIF! On to the weekend projects + strawberry picking!!

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2 responses to “free and cheap?! yes please!”

  1. mfh80 says :

    love that chair! it seems perfect just the way it is…love the white. seems to suit your style. yay free + cheap 🙂

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