what do seeds, sun and rain give you?…strawberries (in our case anyway)

Yesterday my life revolved around strawberries. Two friends and I went to a local Organic U-Pick Farm to get strawberries for jams etc. and we were picking by 9:15am.


(please keep in mind I was on a farm picking strawberries so my attire was based upon comfort, easy of movement and weather conditions, I was certainly not going for style)

Two hours and 8lbs + 13.5lbs + 15lbs of strawberries later we were ready to head home. I think our chatting got the better of us before we realize how many berries we had picked!

here is what 36.5 lbs of strawberries looks like!

I spent the rest of the day making strawberry jam, strawberry-rhubarb jam, a strawberry-rhubarb crisp, and washing and freezing almost two ziplock bags full of strawberries! It will be enough to keep us going for a while! Here are some of my in progress shots of cooking and baking (including rhubarb from our back yard!).


I was very satisfied with how it all turned out but now hopefully the jams all taste really good! (I also love how in our crawlspace/cellar I have lots of storage space for canning. Let the fun begin!)


We are already planning our next outings for blueberries and blackberries!

Happy Sunday!

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10 responses to “what do seeds, sun and rain give you?…strawberries (in our case anyway)”

  1. Andrew says :

    This looks delicious! And wherever you went picking looks beautiful. Great idea.

  2. sally-jane says :

    this makes me smile BIG!!!

  3. Stacey says :

    How fun to go out and pick your own. They look so fresh and delicious (obviously fresh, right!) I have to say strawberry jam is my favorite.. have it almost every morning. Looks like you’re go to have it a few mornings yourself… and maybe a late night PB&J! YUMMY. Good job… sure beats grocery store stuff.

  4. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    What a great way to spend your day! It sounds like you really took good care out of the harvest, yum! This definitely makes me want to go picking as well!

    • Heather says :

      I love picking! Since it went so well we plan on going for blueberries and blackberries when they are ready! And we have raspberries in our yard!

  5. Victoria Elizabeth Barnes says :

    That is a serious amount of strawberries!!

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