family visits! (day one and two)

YAH! We have visitors. My sister Di is here from Nova Scotia and my brother Pete came in with her from Calgary!

Di + Pete in Calgary pre-visit

It is the first time we have ever been alone to spend time together which wasn’t in our hometown or without our mom or dad around (not that it is a bad thing but rather a fun new experience).

Our hometown (@ a family friends wedding)

They arrived Tuesday around noon so we packed them into my car and we went out for a nice sibling lunch. Following this I gave them a mini tour on the way to our house since they hadn’t seen it yet. 🙂 They are our first guests beside my awesome handyman Dad who spent 3 weeks with us when we were just moving in/renoing. (Side note: We forgot to even get 1 photo of the 3 of us together!! sad face)

Tuesday night Di and I took in a Summer Okanagan Wine Festival event! It was the ‘Battle of the Benches’ event (a fellow blogger has shared a bit about the event). There were over 30 wineries participating and 100 wines to taste! We did not nearly taste them all (since by taste I mean fully consume – no spitting or pouring out here), and if I did I would have been lying face down on the grass, but it was a fun experience and one my sister had never taken part in.

Di and I at Battle of the Benches

Live Music!

food + wine…OK!

Pete hung out with R (my husband) and went for beer and dinner at a pub/restaurant. It seems as though they enjoyed themselves too.

Wednesday turned into a day of touring around and our second attempt at teaching Moose to swim…we were actually somewhat successful.

Walking Moose along the River.

And when we weren’t at the beach we were enjoying ice blocks c/w toys!

Most of the visit we has 30-35 degree weather which has been wonderful (but a total adjustment for my East Coaster sister)…but better than all that rain for visitors! So between the lake and ice cream I think we were successful at staying somewhat cool!

Best ice cream place!

“i scream you scream we all scream for ice cream”

Happy Sunday & family visits!!

(photos credit to my sista!)

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