family visits! (days three, four and five)…the end.

Last week…

Peter went back to Calgary on the Thursday – sad how fast the time flew by! Diana and I decided it was about time to enjoy the nice weather with some wine tasting. Since we live in the beautiful Okanagan surrounded by wineries the options were endless! We thought trying out the Naramata Bench Wineries might be a great option.

Out first stop was in Naramata at a Lavender Farm where we enjoyed walking through the farm with a glass of lavender lemonade. The sent was and sights were beautiful.

the beautiful lavender farm

On our drive towards town we stopped into several wineries including Lake Breeze Vineyards, Ruby Blues Winery and Poplar Grove Winery.

The first stop at Lake Breeze was Di’s first official experience at a wine tasting! It was a fun experience to share together. While I love my deep full bodied reds Di prefers a crisp white sweeter wine.

first winery stop

Di’s first tasting and bottle!

filling up the box with wine 🙂

I think Di’s favourite stop was at Ruby Blues, not only did we get a great story but the wines were really yummy!

winery stop #2

beautiful vineyards

Our last stop at Poplar Grove turned into taking a seat at the restaurant to enjoy a few appetizers with a stunning view.

enjoying Poplar Grove

Friday we decided was a ‘bask in the sun’ kind of day. Following a little raspberry jam making (with our very own homegrown raspberries) we decided to head to the channel.

making jam

The channel is nothing more than floating – we have a two person inflatable tube (with a cooler in the middle) and at the start we pay someone at the little station $2 to fill it up for us. Then it is pure bliss in the 30+ degree weather. Around here it is a very popular summertime event…you can go whenever you want and it is incredible how much it will cool you off! Since the float only took us 1.75 hrs we decided the beach and a swim in the lake was necessary. We decided to hit up another winery (I mean how can’t you when there are so many to choose from!) south of town. We went to Blasted Church Vineyards had a tasting and Di topped up her wine load with another two bottles! Another one of her fav spots! The day was lovely topped off with a bbq at our house with some great friends.

Saturday was Di’s last day with us. Sad face. We decided to make the best of the day and started early by hitting up our local Farmers Market. I love going to the market even though I found I haven’t made it there nearly as frequently this year as I have in the past. Either way it is always a lovely time. Afterwards we took Miss Moose for a quick walk and then went to Kelowna to walk around. Trying to fit it all in before Di left!

out with Moose

The highlight of our visit to Kelowna (for me anyway) was purchasing my new cherry pitter! So exciting! The night before I made a cherry pie but had to pit all the fresh cherries by hand, so not practical! I realized a pitter probably didn’t cost all that much…well let me say I used it that night and it was the best $16 I’ve spent in a while!

All in all I had a wonderful visit with my siblings. I am looking forward to our next get together in whatever city we might be in! Thank you for visiting, you are both amazing people. xo

(all photos credit to my sista!)

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