diy dresser

For the past several weekends I have been working on refinishing my husband’s childhood dresser. Tada! Finally done!

It was quite the process and my first time refinishing furniture. Lots of good fun and with a few sanders I borrowed from a friend!


I scored the handles from IKEA on sale in the winter and knew I would be doing the some point in time so I stashed them away. Success! Then with the dresser I used the leftover white paint from the washroom reno so only had to purchase some sanding paper and stain! We still have lots of stain left so I might just end up doing another project at some point.

Here is the final product. I’m very satisfied!


Happy Monday (night)!

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12 responses to “diy dresser”

  1. Yvonne Shedden says :

    Heather great job, looks amazing. luv it Mum

  2. caitlyn85 says :

    Awesome job HB!!!

  3. Stacey says :

    Well hello there… you gorgeous dresser! Heather… THIS IS INCREDIBLE! You did an amazing job on this. As someone who’s refinished a dresser recently I can only say that this takes time and patience. It’s not something everyone can do…. but you rocked it, girl.

    Your use of stain and paint make me squal with delight. I love that look! LOVE IT! I used dark stain with white paint in my kitchen and am always looking for other ways to mix the two. And those handles!!! Good grief it totally updates that bad boy. Welcome to the modern world indeed. I’m seriously in awe. Love it.

    • Heather says :

      Thanks! I’m super happy with it! It does take time and patience but I’m so glad I did it. I want to do the combination of white and dark stain again somewhere else! 🙂

      Thanks a ton! Always love such nice comments! 😉

  4. mfh80 says :

    you’re so talented xoxoxoxo it looks amazing!

  5. julia [life on churchill] says :

    what a huge improvement, it looks so good!

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