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V-A-C-A-T-I-O-N!  In the summer sun! (you know, the song by Connie Francis from the 60s).

That’s right, we are offline and hittin up some family + friend time and a few weddings! So although I have been missing in the blog world it is simply because we are keeping busy and really enjoying ourselves.

We will have lots of updates once we have a few minutes to save our photos and sit and remember everything we have done!

Happy Summer Time!


more family visits

I love having people visit! This past weekend happened to turn into another semi long weekend 🙂 We had my brother-in-law (R’s younger brother), his wife and our nephew…oh and Roxy (their dog)…come visit!

The weather was lovely…the company was fantastic…and the dogs…well that’s another story. Let’s just say since Moose is still a puppy she doesn’t quite understand that not all dogs want to play all the time. On the positive side our nephew got a few kisses from Moose and they warmed up to each other.

We managed to squeeze in a morning at the Farmers Market, lunch out, nap time, girls night (where we left the three males at home), wine…lots of wine…then we visited wineries…and had more wine…(seemed to be the weekend theme), and some playground visits.

Here is a brief montage of their visit…lots of fun memories for the bank + we finally got to spend time with our nephew in a more quiet environment. All in all he warmed up to us quite well. Uncle R even gave him a toy car (that made lots of noise…not sure Mom and Dad were too thrilled – I feel like there could be payback in our future) before their departure.


We are looking forward to having them back here on Sunday night and hopefully we will get in another visit in the near future. Thanks for another fantastic time you three!