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some yummy Friday inspiration…

A few houses/interiors I love the look of…

two toned black & white = awesomeness

Small spaces rock. Personally I’m less interested in a massive 3,000 sq.ft. home but rather a smaller functional quaint residence. These little homes can have so much character (and limit the amount of crap you can have) – not to mention smaller footprint = better for the environment.

First…who doesn’t love scandinavian design? Houses like this make me gush.

I love unique ways of displaying art…rather than just hanging photos on the wall. They have some marvellous ideas on this blog.

And if you want to just drool over mid-century furniture check out Mid-Century Modern Finds.

TGIF! Happy Friday!


after a long week…

…of working + a not so stellar Friday, I came home midafternoon yesterday (Friday) to putter at the house. To keep my mind busy and get something accomplished. I managed to take out the two mosaic tiles I laid wrong on the bathroom floor and which have been driving me NUTS! I realize many people might not notice it (like my husband) but I couldn’t handle staring at it all the time.

dang black tile out of place…but not for long!

I also finally painted the baseboards, touched up a few places on the walls and removed the bathroom door to paint in the garage. [For now we have an open-door policy, meaning we have no bathroom door and our Boston Terrier (Moose) insists on coming in to play at the exact moment you need to use the washroom.] Friday afternoon I also got a crash course from a lovely man who worked at Rona. So now tomorrow the project is to figure out how to replace the cold water line (after I go strawberry picking!).

Another rainy day (Saturday) has led me to putter away inside the house (after my amazing pedi). However, I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to do a few things here and there. The problem with those days is that it looks like nothing ever actually gets accomplished because there isn’t one whole room that is organized. I piddled around with the office then the guest room, followed by taking the light off the front of the house to paint (since I decided I liked the overall shape and style), which then led to organizing our DVDs that were still in a box and packing up our bottles/cans (our friends daughter is collecting them to return for cash and savings for her dream dollhouse – too cute).

stand and tables


In the midst of my random day, TV Trays I purchased online were dropped off. Not too bad a deal for $20. However, they are generic like something I could purchase at Walmart. I am not a fan of generic…so another DIY has come to mind. I love the look of bright paint paired with wood.

So I think I might paint the stand black, then the legs either all different bold colours or all four stands the same. But leave the top just the plain wood. Thoughts?

Now, for Saturday evening I’m planning on cuddling with Moose, watching Devil Wears Prada (cause I love looking at the clothes) and having a glass (or two) of wine.

Happy Weekending!

house inspiration

I love the interior of this house. If I could transplant this here I would! For more of this beautiful house click here…


live to design

(image from

I love design…research and design. I’m an Interior Designer but it is something I love not something I just do for a job every day. My work is primarily with commercial interiors and architecture; however, at home I have the opportunity to research residential design.

The internet has become a huge source of inspiration for our home, but I find I also draw on the architecture, environment and use of space. I believe that the study of people and space is one of the most interesting and important parts of design. As we live in our home I have been observing how we use the space, what is and is not practical, and what changes (structurally) I would like to make for better use of the existing home.

As my list continues to grow I can’t stop myself from coming up with new ideas that I bounce around with friends and colleagues. The more time I take to think about exactly what our ‘needs’ are, I get a better understanding of what I would like to see happen in and around our home.

The process has become an interesting experience, to be your own client. Personally, I believe that living in our home before (if) we do any major renovations will be the best way of understanding what changes will suit our lifestyle. When I am working for a client it is important that I understand how they use the space, what are their needs/wants, etc. Since this is such an important element, trying to be your own client without living in the space would prove to be difficult.

We are enjoying being our own clients.

Let our client/owner/designer experience carry on!


So I’ve decided it’s time to start some of my diy projects that are not as cost prohibitive… for now we are trying to save more money before we tackle another room in the house. So I have decided to still progress with our home I will start at my list of random DIYs.

– dresser –

The idea is to revamp an old dresser from my husband’s childhood that we have been moving with us for years. Its old, stained, but solid wood – good bones – so worth revamping. When we were at IKEA in the fall I bought long handles that were on a great sale! Since then they have been hanging out in the toolbox…so it’s time to do something about that. The old dresser at our last few homes was covered by a silvery table cloth. I was dying to make it look less like a collection of random furniture from our University days. But like I said, good bones so worth doing something with it. The highlight is that it will be home what I refer to as my ‘baking station’. Where I store all my baking pans, utensils, cake decorating supplies and on top of the dresser…my beautiful KitchenAid!

I think my idea is to repaint the old dresser with a two tone effect.

R’s childhood dresser

One of my favourite ideas is painting the overall structure white and leaving the drawer fronts wood, or paint them grey. However, anything that is black, white or grey usually goes with our home. Here are a few pieces of furniture I’m into – I welcome any suggestions and opinions! (my fav is #3 if I can figure out how to pull something like this off)


– word signage as art –

I’ve seen some great quotes while surfing blogs, etsy, pinterest, etc and have been making a running list. I’m planning to make art out of them for around our home. I love architecture and I am an Interior Designer – I love anything that reminds me of building, whether it is building blueprints, capital lettering and/or travel and beautiful photos architecture. One idea I came across that I would like to hang at the bottom of our stairwell is a sign that simply says “UP DN”. I plan to purchase other unique prints from online shops but an excited to create some of my own.

– bench –

We have a room at the back of our house which is a mix between a mudroom, laundry room, and provides access to the back yard/patio/car/garage. It is one of those spaces you look at and think ‘this could be of better use’. Well for now I think it will be a mudroom so to speak. Once we have children I would like to make it into a playroom so we still have somewhat of a living room that isn’t packed full of toys. However, I digress. In this ‘mix room’ I would like to have a bench by the outside door, ideally for putting on shoes and not piling junk on…a habit I will need to break all of us of.

DIY Bench (image from 2 friends & 2 cities)

At our wedding (almost a year ago!) we had a photobooth for our guests to enjoy. As a backdrop I bought a black on black print on sale at our local Fabricland, I have been hanging onto this fabric trying to figure out where to use it. I think this is it – I will use it as a bench cover. It will be ideal.

My lovely ladies in our DIY Photobooth

Photobooth Fabric

Another DIY (related to our future bench) is creating pillows out of cloth napkins. When my mother-in-law “Y” was visiting she gave me the idea. We saw cute napkins at Home Sense and thought they would be perfect for just that!

– curtains & blinds –

When we purchased our home we had requested that the window coverings be left behind. Great but they totally don’t go with anything in our home. For now they are convenient providing us some privacy and it keeping the sun from shining right in our eyes as we wake up but just another one of those things I would like to change. I don’t know what I want where yet other than in our kitchen. I love this fabric…

Fabric Designer: Maude Asbury – Vegetable Garden in Cream

I want to use it as fabric ‘roman blinds’ in our kitchen by following this DIY tutorial from We have three windows, the two opposite each other will be in this fabric and the middle I will draw a colour from the printed fabric and do a solid pattern or colour for this curtain (likely the grey). Something fun, retro and a bit different.

The north and west windows in the Kitchen

As usual the list continues to grow even if I am slowly getting some of it done…Please leave any comments or suggestions about my upcoming DIYs!

Happy Weekending!


I saw this when I woke up posted on two different blogs (a Goode House & necessaryoutlet) that I follow daily. I couldn’t agree more.

Happy Thursday!

blog following + new lights

So I have recently come across a great blog I’m really enjoying – Life on Churchill Street. I’m always excited to see other home ideas for inspiration; Julia does a great job at posting her experiences and storyboard ideas!

The latest one I am hooked on is the idea of changing around some of our kitchen lighting. I mean I always wanted to change the lighting because it isn’t set up well for the use, but since reading Julia’s blog post Flush Mount Lights I have gotten a few ideas.

Track light to be replaced and the rear light will be the warehouse pendant.

We have an awesome warehouse style pendant light that I would like to relocate over our dining table and in its place put this flushmount fixture from Home Depot. I would also like to put a second flushmount light where there is a 2 light track light that doesn’t match anything.

Any thoughts? Opinions? Please share!

Warehouse Pendant to be relocated over table

FYI – We will eventually paint the whole house and tone down on the colours!