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refinishing hardwood floors

I need to put a question out there to get some brutally honest answers. How long will it take us to take our carpeted master bedroom (with a plywood subfloor) and get some nice hardwood out of it?!

[carpet to hardwood]

I assume there is hardwood under there since the rest of the house appears to be that way, I don’t however know the condition of what is under the ply.

We are debating refinishing the hardwood (assuming it is a possibility) tied into the same project as painting/wallpapering.

An idea…not decided upon yet or a start date. Just curious what others have experienced! Thanks in advance!

Happy Thursday!



Today I ordered the wallpaper for our bedroom! YAH! A friend of mine gave us a gift card as a housewarming gift last week since she knew I was hoping to wallpaper a feature wall in our bedroom.

We are going to wallpaper the west wall in the bedroom with this guy…

wallpaper for the Master

I’m pretty excited to start working on our Master Bedroom! Stay tuned for progress once the paper has arrived.