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a real pain in the “cold water line”

(title from one of my followers’ comments)

— 2:30pm —

I’m drinking Tazo ‘Zen’ tea and stuffing a chocolate/chocolate cupcake down my throat hoping it will help from having my head explode. [side note: my coworker misunderstood the term ‘motor boating’ and one day used it when referring to eating/enjoying a brownie – today I could also use that term…I pretty much ‘motor boated’ the cupcake while rage was boiling inside me]

Ahh yes, the female body and rancid hormones. Nothing my husband did today, probably tonight and tomorrow would I think is right…I am in a rancid mood. I always feel bad for him cause he honestly doesn’t do anything different than many other days…but low and behold I’m a raging maniac.

We need to fix the cold water line tonight…I’m not looking forward to it for my own fear of my looming rage.

— 4pm —

Over the afternoon I had a few phone calls from my husband wondering about what materials we needed for the washroom, explaining what he figured out/did/found, and another saying he thought he could finish it up. I didn’t exactly follow everything he was telling me but thought I would worry about it when I got home. See what else needed to be done…

The zen tea helped.

— 5:15pm —

I pack it up to head home, not sure what else will need to be done…just wishing a magic fairy flew into the house though one of our busted screens (you know one of those little holes in the screen that needs to be replaced/patched) and fixed the cold water line.

I get outside, it’s starting to rain and I have my scooter…lovely. Luckily I wear glasses so the shards of water aren’t piercing my eyes like they are my face.

my scooter
[ps I love it on a sunny day]

— 5:30pm —

I’m home. Moose greets me. Everything is quiet. I can feel my anxiety level rising…and how bad I’m about to feel when I likely lose my cool – probably over nothing and most likely totally undeserved. I get a hug and wait a few min then ask “how did it go? is it all fixed”. “no not quite”.

I’m calm and cool, I can’t believe it. Probably just my hormones not at 100% peaking point…I’m fine. I ask what is left to be done and can’t quite figure it out myself given what the local store recommended to my husband to buy.

— 6pm —

Wonderful friends of ours stop by with their three beautiful daughters. They girls are collecting bottles to building up some money and responsibility to buy their dream dollhouse. They are so sweet helping to load them in the jeep. The husband is VERY handy, he basically renovated the main floor of their house from a two car garage + storage to a beautiful living space + kitchen complete with a custom harvest table and bench.

While they were here I was visiting with the wife and the husband was in the washroom with R trying to figure out how to tackle it. Our friends are awesome. He is coming back tomorrow to help R hook up both the cold and hot water lines and fix our problem. Then we will have our washroom back. I’m so happy and thankful.

— 8pm —

I’m finishing the post, so thankful for amazing friends and my rage has totally subsided (as I watch a little Master Chef with my husband).

Thank you – you know who you are. You are an amazing family.

And I can truly say “Happy Tuesday”!


after a long week…

…of working + a not so stellar Friday, I came home midafternoon yesterday (Friday) to putter at the house. To keep my mind busy and get something accomplished. I managed to take out the two mosaic tiles I laid wrong on the bathroom floor and which have been driving me NUTS! I realize many people might not notice it (like my husband) but I couldn’t handle staring at it all the time.

dang black tile out of place…but not for long!

I also finally painted the baseboards, touched up a few places on the walls and removed the bathroom door to paint in the garage. [For now we have an open-door policy, meaning we have no bathroom door and our Boston Terrier (Moose) insists on coming in to play at the exact moment you need to use the washroom.] Friday afternoon I also got a crash course from a lovely man who worked at Rona. So now tomorrow the project is to figure out how to replace the cold water line (after I go strawberry picking!).

Another rainy day (Saturday) has led me to putter away inside the house (after my amazing pedi). However, I was in one of those moods where I just wanted to do a few things here and there. The problem with those days is that it looks like nothing ever actually gets accomplished because there isn’t one whole room that is organized. I piddled around with the office then the guest room, followed by taking the light off the front of the house to paint (since I decided I liked the overall shape and style), which then led to organizing our DVDs that were still in a box and packing up our bottles/cans (our friends daughter is collecting them to return for cash and savings for her dream dollhouse – too cute).

stand and tables


In the midst of my random day, TV Trays I purchased online were dropped off. Not too bad a deal for $20. However, they are generic like something I could purchase at Walmart. I am not a fan of generic…so another DIY has come to mind. I love the look of bright paint paired with wood.

So I think I might paint the stand black, then the legs either all different bold colours or all four stands the same. But leave the top just the plain wood. Thoughts?

Now, for Saturday evening I’m planning on cuddling with Moose, watching Devil Wears Prada (cause I love looking at the clothes) and having a glass (or two) of wine.

Happy Weekending!

…and she said let there be water…

Our replacement sink has finally arrived from IKEA! YAH!

IKEA Replacement

So last night I decided to install it. All in all it went well…sort of. I managed to get the plumbing hooked up for the faucet, drain and overflow.

teflon tape time!

getting ready for hook-up



Then we did the water test…

yah running water!

And then we realized, drip drip drip…issues with the cold water line somewhere behind the wall and not accessible from the basement. To mitigate the problem we are going to attempt to pull the PVC line through the opening and feed another one back through.

basement drip

Another project before we finish the washroom, as soon as we think we are done…we are not. haha Just another one for the books!

Happy Tuesday!

Our Washroom Reno

Well what can I say…here is the more-a-less finish washroom. I was resisting posting these photos until it was totally finished but at this rate it will be next week. Unfortunately when we went to install our sink we realized it was broken and we are now waiting for ours to come in from IKEA (over by Vancouver). Otherwise we are in working order! I need to get a proper shower curtain up – once the fabric I’m about to order comes in and there are a few minor things I would like to get accomplished in there but at least we have a wonderful shower that works and a toilet!!

Here is our washroom renovation in photography documentation (we have created a slideshow – sorry about the delay while it loads)!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We are looking forward to our next projects after a few nights of rest.


Shower Tiles

Excited about the floor tiles!

Thursday night and Dad and I are putting down our floor tiles!

Friday morning tiles…grouting taking place today!

I am SOOOO excited about the shower and floor tiles! We are so close to being finished I can’t wait!

On the 12th day of renos my Dad gave us…an almost complete washroom!

Well our bathroom reno…did I mention before we gave ourselves at 2pm on the Friday (possession day) until moving day the following Thursday to be up and running. Dad and I thought ‘no big deal’ haha HUGE DEAL! Apparently we totally misjudged the amount of time it would take. We (specifically my Dad) have been working on it for 10-12 hour days since the Friday…and we are still going.

Old Washroom

Old Washroom

It is looking amazing but holy frig it’s been 12 days so far! If it wasn’t one thing going wrong or unexpectedly it was ten. But it’s so exciting to see it come together.

We ripped apart most of the washroom Friday which was fine and a bit easier than we had expected, YAH! Then…then we realized a few of the 2×4 tub supports were rotten, the insulation was old and semi-rotten, nothing was square…nothing…that was just the start.

Gutted Washroom

I had purchased concrete board where we needed to replace the (what we thought would be drywall)…we also after went and bought insulation and reinsulated the open walls. From there we had to shave down the existing cedar 2×4 studs to make it somewhat level for tiling, then we had to shim a few spots…this took a few more days. Next thing you know we get the ply + concrete board up! YAH!

Concrete board & start of tiles!

And then…in order to squeeze in our 5’-0” long and 21” deep tub we had to put in new supports between the 2x4s. Dad and I finally shimmed the tub into place to realize it was unlevel! Haha So back out the tub came – we ended up getting everything level and could move onto tiling.

The beautiful 2×4 subway tiles are perfect – but word to the wise, small tiles take a lot longer than larger tiles to lay! Lesson learned, will it stop me from using them again, not likely because they look so good!!

Working on new subway wall tiles

Dad is currently grouting the shower tiles. We are going to paint tonight and then be onto laying floor. We originally thought we would have the floor already down but the tiles I ordered there was a misprint so we are waiting for another sheet of tiles to be delivered on Wednesday.

I’ll post more photos from the process and the before/after in the next few days.

(sorry about the not so great photo quality, just the quick bb photos – lots more to come!)

We are getting there…

Our bathroom reno is coming…it has taken considerably longer than we had anticipated! We have been working long 10-12 hour days since Friday at 2pm on the bathroom. I have been taking photos to share once we finish (hopefully by end of day Friday) and show off the beauty! It is exciting that we are on the home stretch since starting tiling today. I can’t wait to have it all done and move onto another project.

Tomorrow is moving day. R’s coworkers/our friends are coming to help us move which is REALLY appreciated. Many hands make light work. I’m sure it will be quick and efficient as it has been in the past. Hard to believe we are just about in there. It means we will be living through renos but that’s ok, it will be fun to putter away.

Sorry if we have been lost in the world of renos and moving, we will be in touch with the outside world soon!