free again!

So we ended up with more free furniture (which was made in Montreal by R.S. Associates Ltd. I figure in the 1960s-ish). I’ve been looking for something that would work for our living room tv stand. And ideally something that would work for the kitchen and ALL my baking supplies and serving dishes (I have an obsession with serving dishes, I can never have enough).

Before we went to pick up the entertainment unit (thanks to our friend who didn’t mind helping us out with his truck) I made sure it could split in two. One – so we could use it for both purposes and Two – because I knew it wouldn’t fit in our living room well otherwise.

So here it is all set up!

I love how it hides everything and we don’t have a stack of DVDs hanging out anymore! It looks so much better.

Our kitchen shelving all organized – complete with my KitchenAid (I love that thing)!!

Happy Wednesday!

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2 responses to “free again!”

  1. Linn @ The Home Project says :

    I love when things work out that way! The entertainment unit looks great, and so does the kitchen shelves!

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