Stocking up on reno supplies

Well yesterday I went and spent our hard earned Yard Sale money to get supplies for our bathroom reno. I think we just about have everything we need now to get started on the weekend!

Most of the storyboard items we have are either being stored throughout our house or in are carport…some I need to still figure out, like lighting and the shower plumbing, I still haven’t found anything I love. We have managed to find good deals in several places…MTF, Winners, Home Depot. I’m all about hunting down a good deal but still something that we like and good quality so we aren’t worried about replacing anything in the near future. Between pulling a few strings (since I know local suppliers and reps for different companies) and talking to friends who have recently done work we are coming at a decent price!

Stored supplies

The 3”x6” subway tile is going to be in the shower area all the way to the ceiling. I have tossed around the idea of continuing the subway tile around the rest of the washroom at 3’-0” high; however, for the sake of time and money I’ve nixed it for now…I think it will still look great. Since we are using white paint throughout the washroom (and most of the house) it will look nice and fresh either way.

I like the look of the light on the storyboard but know how much better it would be to light the washroom with wall sconces on either side of the mirror. Since the electrical in the existing bathroom is set up above the mirror I am not certain if we want to get into doing additional electrical work to add the sconces. To be decided.

One similar/single light above the mirror or rewiring to add two wall sconces

Construction/demolition starts on Friday…or Saturday morning. Looking forward to getting in there!

As an aside my wonderful Dad is coming out from the East Coast to help us do work for two weeks! You will see his smiling face in a few photos while we are all working away. Can’t wait!

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3 responses to “Stocking up on reno supplies”

  1. Sandy Murdock says :

    Happy Demo! So glad your dad is heading out to help you out! all the best of luck.. xo Keep the photos coming!

  2. caitlyn nott says :

    We have such similar style! I have a feeling once we buy a house our homes are going to look very similar :). Have fun!!!

  3. Krista M says :

    Great job on the blog, Heather! I love reading about friends daily adventures.

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