We are getting there…

Our bathroom reno is coming…it has taken considerably longer than we had anticipated! We have been working long 10-12 hour days since Friday at 2pm on the bathroom. I have been taking photos to share once we finish (hopefully by end of day Friday) and show off the beauty! It is exciting that we are on the home stretch since starting tiling today. I can’t wait to have it all done and move onto another project.

Tomorrow is moving day. R’s coworkers/our friends are coming to help us move which is REALLY appreciated. Many hands make light work. I’m sure it will be quick and efficient as it has been in the past. Hard to believe we are just about in there. It means we will be living through renos but that’s ok, it will be fun to putter away.

Sorry if we have been lost in the world of renos and moving, we will be in touch with the outside world soon!

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