Bye Dad! Thank you!

It is hard to believe my Dad was here 3 weeks and is now gone. He was a fantastic help and great company. It’s been a long time since I have spent so much time with him or that R has ever spent that much time with him! Something I think all 3 of us enjoyed.

Dad managed to get a number of items off of our checklist which was wonderful…he installed two handrails for our deck (thanks to the insurance company swinging by the house), helped level the washer/dryer and freezer, replaced kitchen drawer hardware (rollers), fixed the plug for the stove, fixed the thermostat in the kitchen, helped me mow/wiper sniper the lawn, replaced several light fixtures…not to mentioned he renovated our WHOLE washroom! Thanks Dad!!

Dad building our second handrail

We joked that he wouldn’t want to come back for another visit! Haha We told him next time to come for a vacation…not a work visit!

Our washroom is almost done…Sunday when we went to install the sink we realized it was damaged and now we are waiting for the shipment from IKEA out by Vancouver. Once it is here I will install it and hook up the plumbing then we are all done! (Minus a shower curtain which I am waiting for fabric to arrive). YIPPIE! Either way the shower and toilet work and we have the sink in the kitchen, so all manageable.

Dad and I with the new washroom!

Not sure what our next project will be…likely to fix the siding on the house, clean the outside, paint the trim and door…freshen up the exterior. And figure out how to turn on our irrigation before the grass we do have is fried.

We are slowly unpacking and now have a somewhat put together living room which is much more comfortable. I will put up a washroom photo album once we finish this week!

I learned a little something else this week. Our 1940s home was built likely right after the WWII. Since metal was at a premium nails weren’t made like they are today with a big head, in order to conserve the metal they were made with almost no head. Taking apart our home we came across old and new. Interesting finds in an old home!

Old and New nails

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