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I love design…research and design. I’m an Interior Designer but it is something I love not something I just do for a job every day. My work is primarily with commercial interiors and architecture; however, at home I have the opportunity to research residential design.

The internet has become a huge source of inspiration for our home, but I find I also draw on the architecture, environment and use of space. I believe that the study of people and space is one of the most interesting and important parts of design. As we live in our home I have been observing how we use the space, what is and is not practical, and what changes (structurally) I would like to make for better use of the existing home.

As my list continues to grow I can’t stop myself from coming up with new ideas that I bounce around with friends and colleagues. The more time I take to think about exactly what our ‘needs’ are, I get a better understanding of what I would like to see happen in and around our home.

The process has become an interesting experience, to be your own client. Personally, I believe that living in our home before (if) we do any major renovations will be the best way of understanding what changes will suit our lifestyle. When I am working for a client it is important that I understand how they use the space, what are their needs/wants, etc. Since this is such an important element, trying to be your own client without living in the space would prove to be difficult.

We are enjoying being our own clients.

Let our client/owner/designer experience carry on!

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